UK Gambling Commission


UKGC – The UK Gambling Commission

The UKGC or the UK Gambling Commission is the first British regulatory body to license online gaming websites globally. It is also one of the most accurate and reliable gambling authorities worldwide. UK Gambling Commission oversees the activities of British gambling operators. Online casinos operating under this license are monitored regularly and quite strictly.

Furthermore, UKGC does not fail to address the slightest grievances of the operators; you can find all the UKGC’s decisions or fines, for example, published on their official website. Also, there is the complaint section on the UKGC website where the consumers can make a report, concern or complaint about the operator or gambling business if any wrongdoing has occurred.

The main goal of this regulatory body is safe and fair gambling. So whenever you find an online casino licensed by the UKGC you can be sure that that casino is a safe place.

What Is the UKGC Strategy?

Just like we mentioned, the UK Gambling Commission works to provide safe and fair gaming for the players in Great Britain. But there is more to their mission. First of all, UKGC put players first by protecting their interests, preventing harm, as well as setting high standards in the world of gambling. The safer and fairer gambling is a part of the mission they’ve started in the regulation of gambling be it online or not.

So every time you are playing at an online casino that is regulated by the UKGC you can count on safety and fairness knowing that someone is there for you if anything goes wrong. And again, the Gambling Commission is not only supervising fair activities of online casinos, but also ensures players’ protection, act against money laundering and criminal activities, make sure that casinos follow strict rules, reforms, and regulations in the gambling market, etc. The aim is to create the safest licensing system in the world by pursuing safer gambling and eradicating all the problems with severe regulations.

UKGC Seizing Power Over UK Gambling Market

Ever since 2014, the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating all types of gambling (bingo, lottery, poker, slot machines, casinos, etc.) and making sure these land-based places or online sites are operating under the strict UK gambling laws. Also, each and every gambling site or land-based gambling hall or casino in Great Britain must be licensed by UKGC. Also, UK gambling laws are very strict and followed by high taxes which is why many operators have just abandoned the whole business of gambling.

Speaking of taxes, UKGC tax only the operators, that is, the casinos. This means that you, as a player, are free to scoop all your winning at the casino completely tax-free. All that you win is yours to keep with the casino being responsible to pay any taxes proposed by the laws.

Casinos With UK Gambling Commission License

Since all casinos operating in the UK must obtain the UKGC license, each operator needs to apply for the license first. And only after getting the approval of UKGC, can they start the business. But this is not such an easy task since there are strict regulations and conditions to fulfill in order to get the license. The Gambling Commission will thoroughly check the operator and make sure they comply with all the regulations and rules before providing them the license (ownership, integrity, financial conditions, fairness, no criminal records, etc.).

So in the end, once an online operator obtains the UKGC license, you can be sure that it follows the high gambling standards and provides safe and fair gaming.

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