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Gambling is a fun and exciting activity that many of us engage in on a daily basis. It’s a pleasure as long as we can keep it under control and play responsibly. But what happens when it gets out of control and turns into a destructive habit and the pleasure becomes the urge and ultimately an addiction?

Once the entertainment and pleasure turn into the urge, need, and frustration, it’s time to stop and think about our actions and possible negative aspects of it. This is the time when gambling may become a problem. Luckily, there are many organizations that take care of players who have reached that threshold.

GamCare is one of the organizations that provide support, information, and advice for anyone who is feeling affected by gambling. Ever since 1997, GamCare provides helpful information and help for those affected across England, Scotland, and Wales. The National Gambling Helpline is free to call during all hours of any day so the players can reach help at any time. The aim of this organization is clear: to provide support, help, and emotional support for anyone going through gambling addiction.

The similar organizations that provide the same services are Gamblers Anonymous that organizes international meetings all around the world providing help and support or BeGambleAware and When the Fun Stops, Stop, for example.

GamCare – Minimizing Gambling Problems

GamCare organization provides a full package for gambling addiction for those affected by gambling as well as anyone who’s affected by someone else’s gambling problem. So even if you feel that your friend or family member is getting into the dark part of gambling you can reach for support and see what can be done.

GamCare support can be reached over the phone or online. You can choose to talk to GamCare advisers via phone in confidence or choose any other option such as online Live Chat, Group Chat, or explore the Forum on the GamCare official website. Whatever option you prefer, GamCare advisers are available 24/7.

Forum is a great place to read other people’s experiences and learn how others have overcome their own gambling-related problems. There are chatrooms, topics for friends and family, new members, and similar. All in all, on the GamCare forum you will get access to relevant info on how others are dealing with the issue and get support and much advice, all available 24/7, as well.

Similarly, via Live Chat, you can directly contact GamCare advisors, and get direct support, advice, and emotional support. Also, Group Chat is where you can share your experiences with others. Often people find it easier to talk with those who have gone or are going through similar difficulties. That’s why Group Chat is a great way to get support and advice. Learning from others can be of great help.

Self-Assessment Test

On the other hand, if you are not sure whether you are entrapped by gambling habits or not, you can make sure by taking the self-assessment test. The test is simple and it only takes a few minutes, but it can mean a lot. It is also free and anonymous. The test is meant to discover any signs of non-responsible gambling. Once the test is completed, the player will get feedback and all relevant information and advice.

The test questions include the ones such as how much you spend gambling, whether you lose track of time while gambling, choosing to play instead of doing something else, spending more money than planned, playing with money meant to be used for something else, and similar. If you do find yourself in these questions, think about whether your gambling habit has gone out of control.

GamCare Self-help Resources

GamCare has prepared a lot of help for players. Even when you don’t want to call the advisors or reach help via Live Chat, for example, since you are not sure whether you even have a problem, besides the test, you can also check the GamCare Self-help Workbook. The workbook is designed to help players with gambling problems and provide help, support, and all relevant gambling-related information that may help the players. The Workbook is available for free download as interactive PDF documents.

Support For Young People – BigDeal

As a part of the GamCare organization, BigDeal is specially directed towards young people (12-18 years of age) providing them with relevant info about gambling: how it all works, the risks, getting advice, talking about their own gambling issues or gambling problems of their loved ones, and similar. All in all, BigDeal is just like GamCare but designed for youngsters as a way of teaching them all about gambling and potential gambling problems.

Trained and Experienced Staff Ready to Help

The GamCare advisors and staff are specially trained and have skills needed for providing support and help for gambling-affected players. The staff goes through professional training before they become a part of GamCare organization in order for the company to be able to provide the needed and professional support. GamCare also provides training and relevant materials for the gambling market in order for them to be able to provide a safe environment for the players, offer protection, and responsible gaming.

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